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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Me, Myself & I-

I'm a very normal girl. Just like anybody else. I'm a girly girl who loves malls, shopping, dressing up, flipping through fashion magazines, getting hair ‘n’ make-up done, wining ‘n’ dining, hanging out & almost anything associated with beauty. Now that I’ve mentioned that, I'm pretty sure you won't be at all surprised if I mention I'm a little too obsessed with luxury fashion, bags, shoes & clothes. I believe retail therapy works, always & every time. My love for pink stuff, scents, gossips & all the ladylike things doesn't just end there, I love watching rich tasteful OTT girly, sappy romcoms with happy endings. The cheesier, the sappier, the better!

Besides me being a fashion freak & my natural obsession with all things feminine & girly; I have a very fun side to me as well. In a nutshell; I'm a foodie, photoholic, adrenalin junkie, adventurer, avid traveller, humanitarian & an animal lover. I'm always finding little ways to make everyday a holiday. Moreover, there are endless amount of things & activities I love. Be it the dancing, playing, nature, rainbows, butterflies or rain. It’s lovely how one smile or one phone call can change your day. I take nothing for granted & believe being appreciative & grateful to the smallest pleasures of life is the secret to true happiness & the way to a better world.

I'm an eternal optimist who always sees the glass half-full. I want to think the best of just about everyone & everything. I believe there's always a way around something & a way to get what you want. If this is what you want then you can always make it happen & genuinely think that regardless of everything, every cloud potentially has a silver lining. All one needs is the right sort of positive perspective towards it.

Additionally, I’m also a hopeless dreamer slash pragmatic thinker, if that makes sense to you. No, I’m not delusional! What I mean is you’d often see me staring at a wall indulging & escaping into my own little world of fantasy while smiling & day dreaming up some really great random creation. I don’t consider that as being idle though since that’s when I feel my true sense of creativity kicks in. No wonder there are genius people around the globe who dream for a living. They bring their amazing visuals & exciting thoughts to life. After all, creativity comes from the heart & you need a sense of powerful imagination to think outside of the box to create something exceptional. It’s the only way. There’s one request I’d like to make though! Try not to find too much logic in what I say! Haven’t you heard of Abraham Lincoln’s famous quote; “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” Or perhaps since I’m a ceaseless optimist, that’s another way I view & explain my day-dreaming! :P

I swear I’m not half as uninteresting as I sound in the last two paragraphs. I have a rather pretty colourful personality. Well, putting the boring stuff aside let me share the more fascinating things I like relishing. I started travelling young & am so lucky to have travelled & experienced so many amazing destinations so far. I also love enjoying taking part in various outdoor/indoor activities, be it working out, going hiking, swimming, canoeing, site seeing or if I’m at home with too much time in my hands; I’d make the most out of any situation & would even enjoy anything as silly & crazy as playing games with the kids to even dancing like nobody’s watching. There’s so much in life one can do, experience, learn new things & enrich your life with. All one needs to do is look around you for the opportunities. Joy is all about enjoying & appreciating the smallest of things! There’s always something more one can discover considering the unlimited extent of interesting things one can opt to explore. Therefore, if you ask me what I really like doing, I’d say, I love experiencing new places while meeting new people & the journey in between & basically anything & everything that stimulates me, gets my adrenaline pumping & endorphins releasing.

My motto in life is, live life to the fullest, make the most of what you have & never back down. Live. Laugh. Love. My blog is all about me being me. All the things I love defined into this one space. And this is my life, my world through my rose colored glasses! ;)

Love Nabz xoxo 


  1. AnonymousMay 10, 2011

    I find you interesting. Do what you love. I love your spirit.

  2. CristianoMay 13, 2011

    That's a nice blog you have there. Bright and colourful!!

  3. Great!!! Let's spread some happiness not confined to a particular region!! Blogging is a good platform to doing that!


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